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Vive/Live – Controlling Ableton Live with HTC Vive Controllers

For some time, myself and Ryan at Spiral Technica have been contemplating and conceptualising ways of using the HTV Vive VR system with Ableton Live in tandem. Whilst visiting Ryan and his partner in Dunedin, we decided to try and … Continue reading

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In Review: Bumble – Biological Ripples

When I was recently contacted in query of reviewing Bumbles then upcoming release ‘Biological Ripples,’ I was admittedly a bit confused. Truth be told it’s not the sort of email that my inbox normally receives, however it occurred to me … Continue reading

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The Astro-Binaural Clock: A Hypothetical Auditory Orrery

One of my longstanding curiosities has been the middle ground to be found between science and spirituality. For many years I have had a strong interest in the field of astrology and have subsequently found it to be a domineering element … Continue reading

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