Kia ora, hello.

My name is Oliver, I’m an audio technologist based out of Wellington, New Zealand.

I don’t profess to being particularly specialised. I’ve a rich history of live and events sound management for numerous alternative cultural community festivals, and have a wealth of studio-centric training in production and recording, post-production, and sound design. I also have a bit of a developing thing for DSP programming in Max, and an affinity for immersive sound technologies, à la ambisonics, and XR.

I moonlight as a reluctant DJ, owing to an unexpected stint in community radio, which has since seen me regularly travelling cross-country, and enjoying long-term relationships with numerous established events and community subsets, earning myself somewhat of a reputation as a go-to for a somewhat eclectic and discerning ear. I can’t say I’ve ever been one to stick to one particular flavour.

Òran Mór, my adopted pseudonym, is a homage to my cultural heritage, translating roughly to ‘the great sound/music’ from Scottish Gaelic. Coincidentally, it also makes use of my initials ‘OM’, which have a similar meaning themselves in the syllable Omconsidered a sacred tone in the spiritual traditions of India. 

I update sporadically, but have a few projects to showcase a bit in the future. Until then, feel free to subscribe to the blog should you like what you see, and you’ll hear from me whenever you do!

Ngā mihi,

~ OM